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Amazon needs to fix this. Buy not addressing these issues Amazon is giving people a free ticket to steal. Theft is not ok.

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Howdy Y’all! This video is definitely one that needs to been seen, shared, and spread around like wild fire. It has to deal with a major flaw for both Amazon’s business interests and Flex Drivers maintaining a solid track record when it comes to potential termination.

I typically post my videos, tag them accordingly and hope for the best but the nature of this one is very different. Although the information contained within can easily be misused I feel that given enough attention Amazon might take notice and fix this fatal flaw. Looking at things from Amazon’s perspective I can see how keeping their customers happy can benefit the company, however, in doing so they have created a system that can be easily abused resulting in terminations for drivers and loss of revenue for the company – bad, bad, bad on multiple fronts.

Due to this I have decided to invest cold hard cash into promoting/advertising the video. As of right now it is under review and chances are that due to my somewhat colorful vocabulary it is more than likely to be denied. All the same this information needs to be spread like a venereal disease on prom night so if you can please like, comment, and share this bad boy.

Thank y’all much! Stay warm – stay safe.

MaceValor, signing off.

Here > Cover Fire Generator