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Kali Ini Saya Mau Ngasih Tau Tutorial Cara Membuat Thumbnail Youtube FREE FIRE Atau FF. Yapss langsung aja Kaliaan tonton
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Cover Fire (Part 2) – Android Walkthrough 2020 HD.

Manage your brigade of heroes war against Tetracorp Corporation in the best shooting game. Build your strategy at the front and destroy your enemy from all sides. Face unlimited ops action in online tournaments. Pick up your weapon from the Arsenal of murder and compare their soldiers with unique skills of the shooters. Do you accept the challenge?

Try the free zombie event! Hit and don’t leave the zombies alive! Are you a survival hero?


– Experience a new shooter. Join the resistance and command this revolution like a real war hero. Take your weapons, hit the enemy army with a hail of bullets, grenades, and massive guns. Release the fury of this war!

– Modern CONTROL that brings you a UNIQUE and exciting FEELING. Connect your finger to the trigger. PRESS AND FOLLOW!

– HD graphics with DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENTS, detailed scenes full of particles and grapeshot .. Everything interacts with you and your soldiers.

– Become a real veteran in ONLINE TOURNAMENTS MODE, put yourself in a crazy and dynamic adventure with NON STOP ACTION against other killer players. Don’t stop shooting with the best team of commander and sniper.

– Put yourself in a HUGE REAL ARSENAL. You have never seen such realistic guns in shooter pistols, shotguns, rifles, snipers, grenades … I feel like a real front-line commando!

– Look at the battlefield from different points of view. Replace among your mercenaries in REAL TIME, find the ultimate combination to win the war in the final killing game.

– Create your own ASSASSIN SOLDIER squad with their unique hacker, sniper, demolition man … Unlock a new EPIC CHARACTER as a Bazooka man or shooter! Have you ever seen an inflatable dinosaur on the battlefield?

TETRACORP occupies several zones above the planets, suppressing villages, seizing their resources, and controlling every message. There is a new resistance, and it is time to eradicate this threat.

Listen to the call. Set up your mercenary brigade and start your journey into battle, the prelude to the biggest war earth Has ever seen. The discovery of a new material, element 115, can decide the fate of humanity and cannot fall into the hands of the Tetracorp.

In Cover Fire, you will be a hero who will lead a team of veterans through besieged cities, deserts, and fields taken by guerrillas, and defeat all enemies in a war game with the largest graphics, greatest Arsenal, and best gameplay in the store.

The final experience of the war. Intuitive controls designed to create a completely immersive experience. Take the cover, aim, shoot, and eliminate this danger. Don’t let terrorists own the world in the best war shooter game!

As a rebel leader, you will face an army of enemy elite soldiers, deadly special units, mechs with impenetrable shields, powerful tanks … Take control of the battlefield, fight the conflict like a real war machine. Become a legend of this world war in the most exciting multiplayer fps.

– Complex story mode. Fight the Tetracorp and maintain a mercenary mess in each mission. Best gameplay in the most addictive shooting game.

– Feel a new experience unique in shooter games. Tap the screen, tap the trigger. Destroy and destroy all the bad guys with powerful weapons and your well-assembled team of heroes!

– Improve the skills and abilities of each member of your make them faster, stronger, and more deadly. Equip them with the best guns and gears.

Unlimited shooter action!

Here > Cover Fire Generator